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La Pocha Nostra

La Pocha Nostra as an ever morphing trans-disciplinary arts organization founded in 1993 by Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Roberto Sifuentes, and Nola Mariano in California, with branches and factions in many cities and countries, and an international performance history of over 800 events.

La Pocha Nostra’s objective was "to provide a base (and forum) for a loose network of rebel artists from various disciplines, generations and ethnic background whose common denominator is the desire to cross and erase dangerous borders between art and politics, art practice and theory, artist and spectator.

Corpo Insurecto:

Psycho Magic Actions for a World Gone Wrong

What do you get when you sample from the following performance personas: A Brazilian faceless she/bull, an aging deviant shaman, a neo-Aztec priest making tableaux vivants with a goat, a Mexican Bhutto/vato mariachi, a flamenco drag king and an Oil Spill Madonna?”


Employing La Pocha Nostra’s trademark “robo-baroque’ aesthetic, cyborg-kitsch

and acid humor, Corpo Insurrecto is an LPN’s experiment in ‘corporeal transformations’. Using this format the ritual presentation of live art and live language samples new work and performance classics, addressing the current global culture of far right isolationism, xenophobia, violence and a broken economy and how these factors impact on the human body. 

selected project with la pocha nostra



2011 - 2014


Venice International Performance Festival

Liverpool Biennial/ Bluecoat Art Space, UK

SOMARTS Arts space, San Francisco

Columbia College, Chicago

X Havana Biennial, Cuba 

Three Rivers Arts Festival/Art Up! Pittsburgh, PA

Prisma Forum, Oaxaca, Mexico

Video from Hemispheric Institute

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